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LIMB Craft Fair 2020

Stay safe friends!
Virtual Shopping event

Date: Mid November - end of year
Time: All Day
Location: Virtual
Contact:  limbfair@yahoo.com

We are sad to say we are not able host our usual craft fair, the 41 st year will have to take place virtually. Keeping our students and community safe we are looking for an alternative. We want to ensure that our wonderful vendors have an opportunity to show their wares and do their usual help with all of our Holiday shopping needs.

We are currently developing the plans and would appreciate any comments or feedback as we prepare. The plan is to offer a Facebook space where our vendors can show their wares and let you know how to order them.

If you are a past vendor, we will be helping to promote your wares via a LIMB based Facebook. If you
are interested or have questions, please email us limbfair@yahoo.com.

If you are a shopper and have questions or comments, please let us know! Email us at

Please stay tuned, we will be updating this page with more information soon.

NOTE: We are unable to take on any new vendors this year. This is simply and effort to support our
past efforts and share their wonderful creations.