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Band & Guard Rankings

Lynbrook Instrumental Music and Guard Awards

2018-2019 School Year
Marching Band
Tournament of Bands, Cupertino: Field Recap pdf
 Overall 1st place in WoodWinds and 1st place Guard, Perc, Brass, Music, GE and overall performance in section 5A

Bands of America (BOA NorCal), Diablo Valley College, Pleasant Hill, CAQuick Recap | Prelims Recap | Finals Recap
Second place in BOA Prelims in Class 3A, and 4th place in BOA Finals.

Bands of America (BOA SoCal), L.A Valley College, CA:  Quick Recap | Prelims Recap | Finals Recap
Third place in Class 3A and 11th place overall in BOA Prelims

Golden Valley HS, Merced, CA: NCBA 2018 Results(See Golden Valley)
Second Place overall, Guard 1st, Battery 3rd.

2017-18 School Year

Marching Band
 Bands Of America (BOA), SJSU: Quick Recap | Prelims | Final  | Article

Winter Percussion
  1st place in PSCA Class - NCPA Championships April 7th 2018 (Union City, CA)

Winter Guard
Brought a trophy home from every competition during the season:
Competing in the Scholastic National A Class
1/27/18 Logan:  2nd Place
2/10/18 Independence 3rd Place
3/3/18 Oak Grove Tied for 1st Place
3/10/18 Lynbrook Mona Schlier Invitational  2nd Place
3/24/18 Fremont 3rd Place
2018 Final WG Championships at Independence HS was canceled and LHS WG cannot attend on the rescheduled date.

Concert Band, Symphonic Band, Wind Ensemble, String Orchestra, Chamber Orchestra.
 Unanimous Superior rating at CMEA

2016-17 School Year
Marching Band
Bands Of America (BOA), SJSU: Quick Recap | Prelims | Finals

2015-16 School Year

Marching Band

Foothill Band Review

We took 1st place in 5A (out of 8 bands).

Overall (out of 26 bands) we ranked:

3rd place

2nd place: Woodwinds

3rd place: Guard

5th place: Percussion

Cupertino Tournament of Bands

We took 1st place in 5A and ranked 1st in all captions in the 5A division.

Overall (out of 11 bands) we ranked:

2nd place: Visual 

3rd place: Music

3rd place: Percussion

3rd place: Drum major

3rd place: Woodwinds

4th place: GE (General Effect)

5th place: Guard

5th place: Brass

Bands Of America (BOA), American Canyon, CA: Quick Recap | Prelims | Finals

2014-15 School Year

Marching Band

NCBA Finals - Fairfield, CA
Sweepstakes-Field Show (This is the Grand Prize).
High Visual: Top Honors
Auxiliary: Top Honors
2nd place: Percussion
3rd place: Woodwinds
3rd place: Drum Major
5th place: Brass

Independence High School Field Show
1st place: Class 5A
1st place: Music
1st place: Visual
1st place: Auxiliary
1st place: Percussion

Valley Christian Quest Classic WBA Show
Score: 78.35
3rd place: Class 5A
2nd place: Auxiliary
2nd place: Music
1st place: Individual Music

Cupertino Tournament of Bands
2nd place: Field Show 5A 
3rd place: Field Show Overall (13 bands)
2nd place: Visuals
2nd place: Percussion
3rd place: Woodwinds
3rd place: Color guard

2013-14 School Year

Winter Guard

3rd place at CCGC Championships Scholastic A class

Jazz Combo A

Unanimous Superior rating at CMEA Jazz Festival

Wind Ensemble

Unanimous Superior rating at CMEA Festival
Performed in the Green Music Center at the Sonoma State Wind Band Invitational 
Pink Bow Ties” Horn Quartet performed at CASMEC 2014 Conference in Fresno 

Symphonic Band

Superior rating at CMEA Festival

Concert Band

Unanimous Superior rating at CMEA Festival


Unanimous Superior rating at Homestead Orchestra Festival
Unanimous Superior rating at CMEA Festival (Both Chamber and Symphony Orchestras) 

2014 Santa Clara County Honor Band

16 students selected into Santa Clara County Honor Band
  • Lucy Kim - Flute 
  • Cheryl Chang - Flute 
  • Yeona Lee - Flute
  • Marilyn Zhang - Clarinet
  • Nadine Javier - Oboe
  • Margaret Chien - Bassoon
  • Alexa Burn - Alto Sax
  • Steven Chao - Alto Sax
  • Jeffrey Chang - Horn
  • David Zhao - Horn
  • Jeffery Yang - Trombone
  • Henry Yi - Bass Trombone
  • Srinath Ganesh - Euphonium
  • Eric Su - Euphonium
  • Brian Lin - Tuba
  • Emily Su - Percussion

2014 California All-State Band/Orchestra

11 students selected into California All-State Band/Orchestra 
  • Bryan Chen - Violin
  • Aaron Chen - Cello (principal)
  • Brian Jeong - Cello
  • Cheryl Chang - Flute
  • Isita Tripathi - Flute
  • Kevin Chang - B♭ Clarinet
  • Margaret Chien - Bassoon
  • Jane Lee - Horn
  • Jeffery Yang - Trombone
  • Henry Yi - Bass Trombone
  • Brian Lin - Tuba

CMEA Solo/Ensemble Festival

17 students received the “Command Performance” rating at CMEA Solo/Ensemble Festival and recommended for the state level for individual or chamber group performance:
  • CP: Yeona Lee - Flute
  • CP: Jeffrey Chang - Horn
  • CP: “Pink Bow Ties” Horn Quartet: Jesse Chou, Jeffrey Chang, Jane Lee, Anshuman Dikhit
  • CP: Jessica Shu, Daisy Ni, Marilyn Zhang - Woodwind Tro
  • CP: Spencer Peterson, Arshdeep Vittal, Alison Kou, Katie Lam - Sax Quartet
  • CP: Alexa Burn, Katie Lam, Steven Chao, Alex Chen - Sax Quartet
  • CP: Lucy Kim - Flute
  • CP: Alyssa Chen - Violin