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Marching Band & Colorguard

Marching Band & Colorguard 2015

Marching Band & Colorguard Fall Performances

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All schedules of this school year can also be downloaded as PDFs from the Forms and Documents section.


 Sat 13  Performance (12:15) / BBQ /
 Pool Party
 10am - 5pm
 Frr 26      Football vs Harbour
 (Pep band only, no guard, no pit)
 6pm - 9pm


 Fri 9  Football vs Prospect
 (Pep band only, no guard, no pit)
 6pm - 9pm
 Thu 22  Night on the Quad performance
 (no guard)
 6pm - 7pm

 Fri 23  Football vs Los Altos (Miller Night)
  Full Show
  6pm - 9 pm


 Sat 1 FUHSD Band Expo @Homestead HS 9am - 9pm
 Fri 7  Football vs Cupertino (Homecoming)  MP Out, Full Show  6pm - 9pm
 Sat 8  Cupertino HS Tournament of Bands  (TOB)  9am - 9pm
 Fri 21  Football vs MontaVista (senior night)
 (Pep only, no guard, no pit)
 7pm (6pm call)
 Sat 22  Bands of America (BOA) Regional Championship @SJSU  9am - 9pm


 Sat 5  Independence HS Competition  9am - 9pm
 Sat 12  Logan HS Show  9am - 11pm

2016 Program

This will be a very fun and exciting year for the marching band. The marching band participates in 5 adjudicated field show competitions, and performs at home football games and rallies. This year's show is titled "Conquer the Dark"

It features the following music selections:

Lullaby (Brahms)

Dies Irae (Verdi)

Requiem (Mozart)

I Believe (Katy Perry)

Fly to Paradise (Eric Whitacre)

Show design is by Ryan Schlieper. Music arrangements were done by John Meehan and Mike Huestis.

Band Camp

The 2016 Band Camp will be at Lynbrook from August 1th through the 13th.     » more

Drum Majors

Krish Govindasamy   •   Po-An (Brian) Lin   •  Rahul Khare

Leadership Team

 Jessica Shu   •  Amy Hung
Alex Zhao  •  Elizabeth (Aya) Ide
Bass Clarinets
Brandon Kim
Tenor Saxes
Ethan Liu
Bari Saxes
Gautam Rajesh
Alto Saxes
Shawn Liu   •   Hannah Kim
Ankita Saha
Elisa Tu   •   Amanda Shu
Davin Tjong
Siddhi Desai
Ivan Wu
Front Ensemble
Janie Kwong   •   Sherina Hung
Drum Captain
Minsub Lee
Colorguard Captains
Jenny Wu   •   Sho Ota
Band Managers
   Rachel Cheung   •  Eric Wu   •   Kristie Wu