Band Camp 2014

Lynbrook Marching Viking Band and Colorguard 2014

Band Camp Schedule (August 4th - 16th)

All members of the Marching Band must attend band camp (this includes all 9th grade PE band students) - All events are held on the Lynbrook campus.

 Date  Event  Times
 Sun Aug 3  Leadership/Vis Staff only meeting  3 - 6 pm
 Week 1
 Mon, Aug 4  Freshmen and Leadership only  noon - 8 pm
 Tue, Aug 5  Freshmen  and Leadership only  noon - 8 pm
 Wed, Aug 6  All Members report  noon - 8 pm
 Thu, Aug 7  Short practice (Movie afterward DCI)  noon - 3 pm
 Fri, Aug 8  Practice  noon - 8 pm
 Sat, Aug 9  Uniform fitting (no practice)  9 am - noon
 Sat, Aug 9  Marching Band Sleep-Over  8 pm - 9 am (next day)
 Week 2    
 Mon Aug 11  Practice  noon - 8 pm
 Tue, Aug 12  Practice (staff cook for students)  noon - 8 pm
 Wed, Aug 13  Practice  noon - 8 pm
   Marching Band Parent Meeting  7 pm (in auditorium)
 Thu, Aug 14  Practice  noon -8 pm
 Fri,  Aug 15  Practice  noon - 8 pm
 Sat, Aug 16  Last day of band camp  10 am start
   Performance for friends and family  12:15 pm (in stadium)
   LIMB Pot-luck Lunch  1 pm (in quad)
   Pool Party  2 pm - 5 pm (pool)


  • Band camp is mandatory and students will not be allowed to perform with the marching band if they do not attend.
  • Students need instruments, sunblock, a water jug, hats, and should wear athletic attire (shorts and sneakers).
  • Students will be contacted by their section leaders at the start of summer and music will be made available for them to practice and learn over the summer in preparation for band camp.
  • Dinner break is typically from 4-5pm during band camp. Students can bring food, go out to eat with friends, or get picked up for dinner. We encourage everyone to spend that time together eating with their friends and sections.

For any questions related to marching band or Lynbrook Instrumental Music, please email Mike Pakaluk at

Information will also be posted over the summer on our website at