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Mr. Michael Pakaluk

Instrumental Music Director

Lynbrook High School


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Welcome to Lynbrook Music!

Thank you for your interest in the Lynbrook Band program! We are proud of our tradition of musical excellence. Our program involves a diverse population of students with varying backgrounds. Whether a student has many years of experience or is new to band, we welcome all to create a “family”. The music program at Lynbrook is a melting pot of students involved in virtually every sport, activity and club on campus. Our program is designed to meet the needs of all students interested in the discipline of music as part of their academic life.

We are already making plans for the upcoming school year! The largest part of this preparation focuses on our new members who are completing their 8th grade year. Therefore, we want to begin an early communication with you, the students and parents, to ensure all those involved will have a superb transition to high school.

The first year of high school can be a bit intimidating. Students can be ambivalent and a bit fearful about entering high school. Much of this first-year stress can be avoided when you are an integral and valued member of a meaningful and important group, and one of the largest organizations on campus – the music program. Being in the band helps make the transition smoother and serves as a springboard for life. In addition, it affords every student the opportunity to enter an advanced level of instruction with a host of talented friends who share a similar interest and a familiar language. Our upperclassmen serve as a safe, fun, and supportive social family in the introduction to this new learning climate. We pride ourselves on our musical accomplishments, but even more on the supportive network and positive experiences our program provides.

Now is the time when all that musical investment begins to pay measurable dividends. The seeds of success are about to produce a harvest of exciting opportunities for you as you take that important first step forward as a member of our organization. Making the band program a part of your life is one of the most significant and beneficial decisions you can make.

This handout is meant to provide answers to frequently asked questions about the Lynbrook Bands and just a bit of information that will be of use to you in the next several weeks. Please contact me if you have any questions.

Musically Yours,

Mr. Michael Pakaluk

Instrumental Music Director

Lynbrook High School


LIMB website:

FAQ’s - Incoming Students

Who can participate in Marching Band?

Anyone enrolled in an instrumental music class is invited to participate in Marching Band. All freshmen are required to participate in marching band if they want to be in a regular band class. Marching Band is part of the freshmen band curriculum, just like Shakespeare is part of the English curriculum.

Do I need to be in marching band?

Only if you are a freshman. After freshman year it is optional and you can take Symphonic Band or Wind Ensemble only. But many students love marching band and want to come back each year. In Fall 2015 the marching band had 150 members.

Do all freshmen need to be in marching band in order to take a band class?

The only exceptions are if you participate in one of the following school fall activities: football, cheer, valkyries, or water polo. In that case, you can take a band class without doing marching band. You can be in colorguard without taking a band class.

Does Band take up all my time?

This is a huge misconception. For the first 3 months of school, marching band practices as much as a team sport. While marching band is certainly a time commitment during the fall, it is time well-spent. Students learn the valuable skill of time-management and we practice so that we can be great. Upperclassmen are there for support and to show you how to balance music, academics, and life! You also meet and socialize with students in all grades.

What if I don’t play a marching instrument?

Oboe and Bassoon players usually make a graceful switch to saxophone, percussion, or colorguard during marching season. The adventurous ones switch to brass!

Can anyone audition for placement into Symphonic or Wind Ensemble?

Mr. Pakaluk will provide you with audition materials if you would like to try out for one of the more advanced bands. Most freshmen are placed in Concert Band, but based on skill and instrumentation needs, some are selected for a different band.

Do marching band students get PE credit?

Yes! You get a semester of PE credit for doing marching band. Freshmen band students should sign up for “PE Band 9” and “Concert Band”.

Does the Band take trips?

Yes, the band travels all over the place! We perform at a variety of competitions, festivals, and concerts. In 2013, the Band performed in France. The Band regularly takes a tour to Southern California. In 2016 The band and orchestra will travel to New York City and perform on stage at Carnegie Hall.

Should I be taking private lessons?

We highly recommend students to take private or group lessons to further their skills. Most students in the advanced ensembles currently or in the recent past have studied privately. Please ask Mr. Pakaluk if you need any help finding lessons. Private lessons help students perform at a high level and get into honor ensembles and All-State groups. Any students who switch instruments are strongly encouraged to take a few lessons with a private instructor.

Will I receive specialized instruction?

Through parent contributions, LIMB is able to provide coaches and clinicians who come in periodically to work in small groups and refine individual skills. These specialists are some of the best teachers and performers in the bay area.

Can I rent an instrument?

Yes, LIMB provides marching instruments and many larger instruments for students to use. (Bassoons, Horns, Tubas, Euphoniums, etc.)

Does Band look good on college applications?

ABSOLUTELY! BAND STUDENTS CLEARLY STAND OUT! Admissions officers seek out music students because they are aware of all the discipline and creative thinking required for our art. Lynbrook music students go on to attend some of the top universities and colleges in the country. Every year, our students earn scholarships for musical merit, whether they major in music or not. College admissions officers look for students who dedicate themselves and make a commitment to a program like band.


Lynbrook’s Marching Band has a reputation as one of the best in California, often taking 1st place in field show competitions. In 2016 The Orchestra was invited to perform at the CASMEC All-State Conference. Lynbrook ensembles consistently earn unanimous superior ratings at Festival. Every year, multiple students are selected to All-State and County Honor Bands. In 2016 Lynbrook had the most students in the Santa Clara County Honor Band.


Band Camp Page Link

Band camp practice hours: noon-8pm.

Detailed schedule will be available online.

Band camp is required for all members, so please schedule your vacations accordingly!