LIMB Calendar

 We publish all our events on LIMB's google calendar. You can...
  1. View this on your browser by clicking here.
  2. Download it in pdf format from Forms and Documents section.
  3. Download it into your desktop calendar app on PC/Mac by clicking here , and opening it. Note: This creates local desktop copy and it wont be automatically updated when we change schedule. If you have internet connection at all times its better to subscribe instead.
  4. Subscribe to our calendar into Google, Apple, Microsoft accounts and sync up into your mobile.
    1. Select this entire link in grey color:
    2. Copy it into your clipboard (Control-C or right click on the above selection and selecting copy)
    3. Paste this link into the subscribe box by following instructions for Microsoft Outlook account here or  here for Apple icloud account Calendar
    4. Add the calendar to your Google account Calendar, clicking here 
    5. If you use Google calendar app or Apple calendar app or Outlook on your mobile, LIMB events will be sync'ed up and will be automatically updated.
  5. Google calendar users can also click on interested events below and click on "copy to my calendar" to copy them individually into their google calendar

Lynbrook Music Calendar