Marching Band & Color Guard

Marching Band Leadership

Drum Majors

Daphne Chao
James Fan
Helena Ho

Band Managers

Medha Nalakonda
Brian Kao
Charlene Wang

Color Guard Captains

Claire Lin
Elisabeth Shin
Michelle Yang

Drum Captain

Nimay Shankar


Anushka Shinde
Daeun Chung


Max Luo
Shriya Rajagopalan

Alto Saxes

Maya Iyer

Low Winds

Delaina Scott


Chancie Chou


Elijah Kao


William Jiao


Daniel Yang


Emily Chen

Front Ensemble

Apple Gao
Eliane Juang

All members of the Marching Band must attend band camp, especially new students. All events are held on the Lynbrook campus.

There will be a mandatory Marching Band Parent Meeting on Wednesday, August 16 from 7:00-8:00pm in the auditorium or cafe.


For any questions related to marching band or Lynbrook Instrumental Music, please email the band director, Mr. Michael Pakaluk at michael_pakaluk@fuhsd.org.

Sat, Aug 19 Performance & Potluck @ Lynbrook High School

Thu, Sept 28 Night on the Quad Performance @ Lynbrook High School

Fri, Oct 6 Field Show at Halftime @ Lynbrook High School

Sat, Oct 7 FUHSD Band Expo @ Fremont High School

Sat, Oct 14 Tournament of Bands @ Cupertino High School

Fri, Oct 20 Field Show at Halftime @ Lynbrook High School

Sat, Oct 21 Marching Band Competition @ Gilroy High School

Sat, Nov 4 Marching Band Competition @ Independence High School

Sat, Nov 11 WBA Norcal Regional Championships @ Logan High School

FAQ - Incoming Students

Do I need to take marching band?

No, marching band is voluntary. But many students love marching band and want to come back each year. The marching band has approximately 120-130 members.

Who can participate in Marching Band?

Anyone who is enrolled in an instrumental music class is invited to participate in Marching Band. Students can be in the Color Guard without being in a band class.

What if I don’t play a marching instrument?

Oboe and Bassoon players usually make a graceful switch to saxophone, percussion, pit, or color guard during marching season. The adventurous ones switch to brass!

Do marching band students get PE credit?

Yes, when you are in 10th grade, you can earn your PE credit through marching band or color guard, and you don’t need to take a PE class.

Can anyone audition for placement into Symphonic or Wind Ensemble?

Band Freshmen should sign up for CONCERT BAND 7120. There is an audition for advanced students to try out for a higher level band. Only about 5% of incoming 9th graders are moved up. All flutes and percussion must take Concert Band.

Does the Band take trips?

Yes, the band travels all over the place! We perform at a variety of competitions, festivals, and concerts. In 2013, the Band performed in France. In 2016 the band and orchestra travelled to New York City and performed on stage at Carnegie Hall. In April of 2018, the Band performed in Spain. In 2022, The Band travelled to England and Scotland. The Band will take a tour this upcoming year (Spring 2024) to New York City.

Should I be taking private lessons?

We highly recommend students to take private or group lessons to further their skills. Most students in the advanced ensembles currently or in the recent past have studied privately. Please ask Mr. Pakaluk if you need any help finding lessons. Private lessons help students perform at a high level and get into honor ensembles and All-State groups.

Will I receive specialized instruction?

Through parent contributions, LIMB is able to provide coaches and clinicians who come in periodically to work in small groups and refine individual skills. These specialists are some of the best teachers and performers in the bay area.

Can I rent an instrument?

Yes, LIMB provides marching instruments and many larger instruments for students to use. (Bassoons, Horns, Tubas, Euphoniums, etc.)

Does Band look good on college applications?

ABSOLUTELY! BAND STUDENTS CLEARLY STAND OUT! Admissions officers seek out music students because they are aware of all the discipline and creative thinking required for our art. Lynbrook music students go on to attend some of the top universities and colleges in the country. Every year, our students earn scholarships for musical merit, whether they major in music or not. College admissions officers look for students who dedicate themselves and make a commitment to a program like band.

Does Band take up all my time?

No, this is a huge misconception. For the first 3 months of school, marching band practices like as a team sport. While marching band is certainly a time commitment during the fall, it is time well-spent. Students learn the valuable skill of time-management and we practice so that we can be great. Upperclassmen are there for support and to show you how to balance music, academics, and life! You also meet and socialize with students in all grades. Our marching band is really good because of this practice.